Through Conflict

Text and art by I. Lilias Trotter

We spoke of the strange manifestations of the enemy’s power these days, when the fiery darts of the one tormented seem to be thrust into the one who is trying to help, and Mrs Penn-Lewis said, “The only place of safety, at such a time, is lying with Jesus on his cross.” One has been seeing the mighty power of the blood to cleanse the upper air in these conflicts and the need for fearless witness, in the face of the enemy, that Jesus saves and is going to save. Could this be the third condition, that we ourselves should lie down in the dust of death with him? …I have been seeing the difference these days, between being in the shadow and lying in the dust; Satan’s aim is to draw us into the shadow; God’s aim is to bring us to the dust. We can be down there, yet in cloudless sunshine.


He shall sit as a priest upon his throne. ‘Ask of me and I will give thee… as thy possession.’ What he receives as Priest he dispenses as King and somehow the whole aspect of prayer has been reversed. I used to think that our intercession must sweep round from us to him and bring back the answer, but now I see it differently; it all starts with him and sweeps down here as low as our helplessness, then back to his throne, the place of power and authority.