Hear Him!

One thing about us humans which is very “natural” and yet of very real concern is our propensity to give our attention and our time to humans instead of, or as a substitute for, Jesus Christ Himself. This is an age-old temptation for us. Read more “Hear Him!”


The word “paradox” comes from the Latin word “para” meaning “beyond” and the Greek word “doxa” meaning “popular opinion or belief”. In other words a paradox is beyond orthodox, beyond what is popular – or perhaps beyond what we are comfortable with because it is beyond our understanding! Read more “Paradoxology”

Leaving Church

When God first called us out of religion in 1996, we didn’t understand exactly what He was asking us to leave. Over time we saw that He was not just calling us to leave the church we were part of, but anything and everything that was a substitute for Him. Read more “Leaving Church”

The Little Photograph

A housewife was in her home doing the ironing one day while her children played happily close by. As she looked up from her somewhat boring task, her eye was caught by a small black and white photograph that her Great Uncle had taken many years ago which was sitting on a shelf in the room. Read more “The Little Photograph”