About Unveiling

About Unveiling

“Many things begin with seeing in this world of ours.
The colour pages and the letterpress are with one and the same intent – to make you see.
So we ask you to come and look…”
– Lilias Trotter

Unveiling was first set up in 1999 as an avenue for sharing things that we have seen (we’re Mike and Lynette Woods) on this journey of Life thus far. “Unveiling” is about revealing and showing what had been previously hidden, veiled and unseen by us.

This isn’t a journaling blog, nor do we have an Unveiling Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other form of internet social interaction for Unveiling apart from good old email and this website! 🙂 So please feel free to email us by writing to: look@unveiling.org or share your comments here on this page.

Why Unveiling? Only God can fully answer that question in the light of eternity… in January 1999 we were offered the opportunity to set up a website and Unveiling.org came into being. However, for us God’s unveiling had begun three and a half years prior when He awakened us to Life in Him. At the time we were both very involved in a denominational church. I (Lynette) had lived and breathed Christianity all my life (Being a Testimony has more about this).

Quite unexpectedly, in the first few days of 1996 God called us out of the church we were members of, although we didn’t understand why. All we knew was that He was telling us to leave. We knew that He was calling us to something new and different to anything we’d known before, but we didn’t know what or why! We were excited about this, even though we had virtually no idea of what that might be or even why He wanted us to leave – it was simply a step of faith and trust. Our call to leave was questioned by the leaders, but for us this was a test of whether we would listen to God or man and we felt we had no choice but to trust and obey God. During this painful process, we began to see and understand more about why He had told us to leave; an article which describes some of this is entitled Seeing the Son.

Although I considered myself a born-again, Spirit-filled, totally committed follower of Christ, at this point in time when God chose to breathe His Life into me, it was as though I had known and seen nothing previously; I had been dead and now was truly alive! I had been the dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision (Ezekiel 37). I felt as though I had been dead or asleep and had not truly known or experienced God and His Life up until that point compared with what I now was experiencing.

Without Light we cannot see what is hidden and veiled, we can see no colour, we can see nothing – we are blind. Spiritually we are in darkness until God shines His Light (Christ) and opens our eyes, revealing and unveiling all… He penetrates, challenges and dispels darkness – unveiling to us Who He is and who we are. That can feel like a personal apocalypse; an uncomfortable, stormy process through which He enables us to see and let go of our ideas in order to accept His.

It is only when you are awake and alive that you can understand anything and can begin to really see and hear!

As I began to use my eyes and ears for what felt like the first time, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing that I’d never seen before – both the negative and the positive. I began to see religion and the church for what it is, as well as seeing God’s Way, Truth and Life. The Bible had been transformed into LIFE and was Living!

I had never questioned what I had heard, practiced and believed in the church, but now God Himself began to teach me and showed me that many of the things I had believed and practiced were not true or based on Scripture – which was rather a shock! I realized that many people who go to church think they know God and yet do not even recognize or know His voice, or hear Him for themselves.

I had been blind and deaf, but now I was beginning to see and hear… I saw that my “Christianity” had simply been religious self-righteousness and pride – religion, myself, and the church had been in the place of Christ in my life. As He began unveiling Himself to me as the Truth, Life and Way of God, I felt that He wanted me to write down what I was learning so that I would not forget it. I found that as I wrote, He expanded upon what He was teaching me and showed me even more.

We had no idea that many people around the world and in previous generations had also experienced similar crises and heard a similar call out of religion and into Life in Christ! To us it was as though we were the only ones that this had ever happened to. It was only after we had left it all behind that our Father confirmed His words to us and brought us into contact with others who had also heard, seen and experienced Christ as their Life in similar ways. This has been His way since then, He first teaches us Himself and then confirms His Truth and Way through Life; often through messages which we have not read previously. One author who has been used more than any other in this role of establishing and confirming what we’ve seen, is the late T. Austin-Sparks (www.austin-sparks.net) whose messages consistently reveal Christ and His Life.

While we certainly recognize the problems with the church and its methods and systems and have no qualms about exposing and unveiling them, our desire is to focus on unveiling Christ and His Life! When God removes the veil from our eyes to see Him as He really is, His Life and Light overwhelm everything else! All is brought into focus and into the correct perspective and balance through Him. We know that we cannot open other people’s eyes, ears, and hearts to what we have seen and heard – we cannot even open our own eyes and ears – we are all totally dependent and reliant upon the only One Who can do that for each of us personally. Yet there is a cost associated with seeing and with having our eyes opened and we have to be willing to pay that price…

It has been, and still is, a process and a journey, and not an easy one at that. As on any journey, the way is sometimes difficult and we stumble and make mistakes. We are continually having to unlearn what we’d thought was right and lay aside our understanding in order to learn Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. This is an amazing journey of discovering and learning Him and all the freedom that His Life, Truth and Way entails! The words of this song sum it up very well:

Never felt like this before
Now You’re all I’m living for
Suddenly, Life has new meaning to me
There’s beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up and suddenly you’re in Love!

As He reveals and unveils Himself to you, may He truly become All and Everything to you; “We pray to the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation (unveiling) of insight into mysteries and secrets in the deep and intimate (full) knowledge of Him, by having the eyes of your heart flooded with Light so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints, His set-apart ones” (Eph 1:17,18 Amplified Bible).

May God’s Life, Love and Light be unveiled to you and flow out through you as death is destroyed and Christ in His full, real Life is seen, heard and experienced!

This is why the Scriptures say: ‘Things never discovered or heard of before, things beyond our ability to imagine — these are the many things God has in store for all his lovers.’ But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit. Yes, He has revealed to us His inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, who constantly explores all things. 1 Cor. 2:9-10.

  • charles

    Thank You for your work. It is truly from the Holy Spirit. I found you a couple of years ago through the grace of Our Lord. I’ve been on a search (for what I guess I don’t know other than the truth and Jesus is the Truth). You truly do understand. Keep up the faith because He is coming soon.

    Maybe one question. Do you see the mirror of the Cross? If you don’t understand what I mean then so be it maybe my own vain imagination of things. However, I think the Lord has been showing me that He not only took our sins at the cross but also “Finished” and I think it is more than finished His ministry. He is alive and I see that there is a mirror effect of time events happening in the OT. However, we need to understand what happens to light in a “reflection” of a mirror. Just as the OT was a shadow of things to come it is my understanding that it was ALSO a reflection of things happening.

    Love in Christ Jesus


    1. Lynette Woods

      Thank you for taking the time to share that image/reflection, it is very interesting indeed! And no, I hadn’t seen this mirror aspect before. It is such a great way of illustrating the “types and shadows” of the OT though, so thanks for mentioning it, there is a lot to see there! 🙂

  • Christine

    Dear Lynette

    I have just found your site – the articles are timely and helping me process that journey out of Egypt and through the wilderness, and confirming that I am hearing His voice and not going crazy! I notice you mentioned a BBC documentary above – are you UK based? I am in the south west. Blessings.

    1. Lynette Woods

      Hi Christine, no we’re not in the UK, we do live in the Commonwealth though, in NZ! And yes, I often feel quite off the wall in what I hear Father saying, probably because it is often the opposite of what we’ve been taught by man, but He is very faithful to back up and confirm His words to us. Thanks for taking the time to write! 🙂

    2. Gillian

      Hi Christine, I have just come across your comment to Lynette, so I realise it was posted some time ago, but hoping this still reaches you. I have been in contact with Lynette on two or three occaslons and I have also been hoping to make contact with someone from the Uk who God has called out of the established church as he did myself. I live in the Midlands area and would love to share with you so that you can assure me I am not crazy either! God bless

  • Patricia Harris

    Great grace and blessings Lynette!
    I can not say that I stumbled upon your website as I truly believe Holy Spirit lead me here. After reading a devotional this morning I began to ponder the word ‘virtue.’ I’ve learned to seek God’s heart on various words and phrases that church folk toss around without thought… and so my Google search for the definition of ‘virtue’ yielded one of your articles😉. I do this (seeking for deeper truth & meaning) because I too grew up in church (accepted Christ around 13) and mistakenly conformed to the institution of religiosity. I fell so deeply in love with Christ as a child and I ate the Word for myself, developed a strong love relationship and He spoke very clearly to me and often. Well what He spoke and what I saw church leaders & believers ‘practice’ were in constant conflict. It was confusing and disheartening. I fell away from the church around the age of 21. I returned 5 years ago and I’m not quite sure much has changed with the institution but my perspective is different. I made a covenant with God when I returned and said “I will ONLY return in pursuit of YOU. I will never follow a ‘man’ (preacher) again or entrust my spiritual growth to a person. I just want YOU if you will have me.” So my pursuit has been truth this go round. I’ve learned that truth is a person… Jesus Christ. With that being said, yes I attend a church but I can honestly say that Holy Spirit has taught me everything I now know & believe as truth by leading me to articles, books, videos etc. where He unveils more & more truth. I’m not one to follow many people as I’ve learned that Holy Spirit is very intentional and so I follow His lead. It is not by coincidence that I discussed this site, this morning while searching for a word… it’s a divine appointment. I pray many blessings upon you and your husband Mike and look forward to discovering what God has to say to me through your teachings.


    1. Lynette Woods

      Thanks Patricia, hearing Him and following Him is absolutely vital for all of us, it is also an amazing journey of discovery; enjoy your journey! 🙂

  • Ruby

    Hi Lynette,

    I just want to say thank you. And I praise the Father for you and Mike.

    1. Lynette Woods

      Thanks for the encouragement Ruby! 🙂

  • Gloria Loney

    Good morning Lynette.

    I was reading articles by Cheryl McGrath and came across your name. Oh, I was so blessed
    by the articles you’ve written. God took us out of the system of men a good few years ago and we are few in number
    indeed. It’s been such a revelation to have entered into His Sabbath Rest as He is our Sabbath Rest. It’s an interesting
    journey for sure but even lonely at times and people usually ask the question ; What church do you go to? Thank
    the Lord we are the church of the first born. Exciting times but also perilous ones. We run this race with patience and look only
    unto Him. God bless you sister and it’s great to know there are others out there who have shared their experience of
    coming out of organised religion. Jesus is the Head of His called out ones. Amen. Love in Jesus. Gloria. X

    1. Lynette Woods

      Thank you for taking the time to read and to write Gloria, it’s always encouraging to hear from others on this journey! 🙂

  • William Riggs

    I found your site years ago. I have been reading T. Austin-Sparks books since then. I am amazed at how much more I am now getting out of your writing than I did previously! I am blessed to see how much light God has given me! I just wanted you to know how much your teachings are blessing me! To live is Christ!

    1. Lynette Woods

      YES! It’s so true that we really cannot see a thing unless our Father gives us Light and Life to see by/through! 🙂

  • Don Mell

    Hi Lynette

    Thanks for Sharing your inspirational journey with the world and in particular with those who seek truth and spirit focus life in Christ Jesus. My grandma lead the way by spending her whole life in the church I took note of this and my passion for God was ignited a a child growing up. I totally connect with your journey of seeking after God, I also connect with certain observation you made that the Church/institution was not a perfect place and clearly lukewarm. I haven’t been attending any particular institution/Church but My passion and awareness grew much broader and deeper as my vision gets clearer. Your writings have added a lot to my understanding of the work and will of God.

    The Holy Spirit does move in ways we cannot comprehend I ran into your articles when it came to me that the significant starting point for humans to understand the solutions to most of the so called huge problems we are having on the planet is to understand we are first spirit not a body with a spirit but a spirit in a body. If all humans are taught and fully grasp this 99.99% of all the problems we face in all the countries will simply melt.

    From this realization I it came to mind that what if we say “everyspirit” instead of everybody…..I then decide to google this phrase and the search lead me to your articles…

    As I read your article on communion I feel its necessary for believers of similar conviction to follow this solemn practice that Christ commanded his followers to observe my thought is that if there was a way that a networked database could be developed to facilitate this.

    Please feel free to reply to my email and add me to such database if you decide to get one done.


    Don Mell

    1. Lynette Woods

      Thanks for your comments Don, and my apology for taking so long to reply. I only just noticed your comment! A networked database would be great, but we don’t know of one, it seems that Father normally networks people together Himself, in His way and time, instead of us organising it. And usually it seems to be only the 2 or 3 (Matt. 18:20) here and there rather than a big group, which is quite different to what we humans would do. 😉 He is very good at connecting us with those He wants us to be connected to in His Family, I pray that this will be your experience also!

  • Adriana Lelión

    Gracias a Dios por encontrar este sitio, leí un artículo de Becky Jhonson y ella lo refirió. El Señor sabe cómo hace sus cosas. Un abrazo fraternal desde Colombia.

    1. Lynette Woods

      Gracias Adriana, y siento que no hablo español. Estoy agradecida por el traductor de google. 🙂

  • Patricia Lelión

    Hola Lynette, también le doy las gracias al Señor por el traductor de google. 😃😃

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