Google Heaven

Most of us are familiar with Google Earth – digitally zooming in on areas of the earth.
If there were such a thing, what might Google Heaven be like?
What would we see?

Most people who live on the earth see heaven from an earthly perspective – looking up.
A few live in the heavenlies and see the earth from a heavenly perspective – looking down.

It has been said that love does not consist of gazing at one another, but of gazing together in one direction.
It has also been said that we have been raised up and are seated together in Christ in the heavenlies.
Being Together with the One we love IS heavenly.

That being true, our Love consists not of gazing at one another so much as gazing Together, as One, in one direction:
the earth.

We see that heaven’s focus is not itself, but this world: seeing Christ as the consummation of all – becoming All – in all!
We look at the One we love and find our focus is directed to look at what He looks at.
We become passionate about what He is passionate about.

It is only when we are far above the earth that we can see the big picture.
The higher we go, the smaller the things become which previously had loomed large before us and occupied our vision.
Everything looks so different when viewed from above!

If my universe is limited to what I see outside my front door, then that will be my focus – and my limitation.
If I am raised up and see my house from 1000 feet up in the air, then I see it in relation to the neighborhood and city.
But if I am 30,000 feet up in the air, then I can no longer distinguish things, instead I lose sight of it all and see only the big picture.

The higher we go the bigger the picture becomes and the more our horizons expand.
We begin to see something of what God sees as we gaze Together…
Together… in unity, in co-operation… as One.

Google is used to do searches and sometimes we too zoom in and search…
Sometimes we delight in what we discover.
Sometimes we grieve.

Sometimes clouds obscure our view of the earth and all we can see is the glory of the Son reflecting off the top of the clouds!
We realize that our Heaven, our World, our Life, our All, is Christ.

What we see Together from heaven’s perspective above all else, is unimaginable, indefinable, inexplicable:

This will be written for the generation to come, that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord. For He looked down from His holy height; from heaven the Lord gazed upon the earth, to hear the groaning of the prisoner, to set free those who were doomed to death, that men may tell of the name of the Lord in Zion… Ps 102:18-21

Lynette Woods