Being Entitled

Millennials are often accused of being entitled and privileged – of taking for granted things that others have to work hard for, believing they deserve the very best. Many of us are like that however, not just young people! We live in an age of entitlement. Read more “Being Entitled”

Being True

Nobody ever sets out to believe a lie or to be deceived, each of us thinks we believe and know the truth – we are very good at deceiving ourselves! The very nature of a lie is to pose as the truth. It may even contain some truth, otherwise we wouldn’t be fooled into believing it. Read more “Being True”

Being a Fool

It is clear that in terms of the expectations and values of this world, we are utter fools. We believe in One who cannot even be seen, for a start! Most of us don’t suffer foolishness or fools easily, and yet our message is undoubtedly one of foolishness to this world… Read more “Being a Fool”

Being #Blessed

Being blessed is something that many aspire to and something that many also glory in and even take credit for! When we say that someone is “blessed” we usually mean that they have succeeded in some way, whether that be financially, academically, or physically. Read more “Being #Blessed”

Being Loved

All of us have an innate need and desire to be loved and appreciated simply for who we are; not because of what we do or can give another person. Use does not define importance or acceptance; Love IS acceptance and importance! Read more “Being Loved”

Being One

Many agree that unity is lacking in the church. Many also try to create unity by having city-wide gatherings, combined pastors meetings, combined prayer meetings etc. and call that unity. Read more “Being One”