Lilias Trotter

Isabella Lilias Trotter (1853-1928) was a lover of God and His creation, and this was revealed through her life as an artist, author, and missionary. Born to wealthy parents in London, instead of pursuing a career in art, she went to Algeria as a missionary. Having been turned down by a mission society, she went independently to the country along with two other single women. Lilias lived in Algeria until her death there in 1928. Lilias Trotter was gifted in not only creating beautiful illustrations, but also illustrating deep spiritual truths through her words.

“Many things begin with seeing in this world of ours.
The colour pages and the letterpress are with one and the same intent – to make you see.
So we ask you to come and look…”
– I. Lilias Trotter

The Dandelion
Focussed: A Story and a Song
Glimpses of Life
A Life on Fire
Parables of Life
Parables of the Christ-life
Parables of the Cross
A Ripened Life
Trained to Rule