Text and art by I. Lilias Trotter

“He Himself” – the Master Husbandman – “knew what He would do” in the repression cutting down, cutting back the new growth, “that it may bring forth more fruit”…

There should be neither undergrowth, nor overgrowth, but balanced growth. Spiritual equilibrium alone will bring forth much fruit both in us and in others. We were created for more than our own spiritual development; reproduction, not mere development, is the goal to mature – reproduction in other lives.

There is a tendency in some characters, running parallel to the high cultivation that spends its whole energy on production of bloom at the expense of seed. The flowers that are bent on perfecting themselves, by becoming double, end in barrenness, and a like barrenness comes to the soul whose interests are all concentrated upon its own spiritual well-being, heedless of the needs around. The true, ideal flower, is the one that uses its gifts as means to an end; the brightness and sweetness are not for its own glory; they are but to attract the bees and butterflies that will fertilise and make it fruitful.

And His “thou shalt know hereafter” carries us on till the day that is nearing, when His sequel shall be seen… so till then He shall have our trust, unquestioning, illimitable. For He is worthy.


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