In the “darkroom” of amateur photographer Roland Ward’s mind he developed excellent word portraits of the people, scenes, and experiences that came across his path. These “portraits” he expressed in his letters written on his journey from Great Britain to New Zealand, and as he traveled around the country in the late 1920s, giving fascinating insights into life at the time. These personal letters, written primarily to his sister who remained in the UK, may make you laugh, commiserate, or be appalled, as Roland’s engaging words draw you into seeing what he saw and experiencing what he experienced. This book is full of Roland’s wit, dry sense of humour, sketches, photographs, comments, and prejudices – leaving you with a very unique portrayal of the man who was:
Roland Ward.

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Roland Ward’s nephew, Ken Ward, also has an ebook about living in Borneo. That ebook can be downloaded from this page:

Surviving Borneo

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